Data Analytics

Mobile Market Watch is the first comprehensive analytics platform for the mobile phone industry.

We have mapped every corner of the World to gather real-time pricing data and industry news to help you make the best business decisions.


Retrace Mobile is a FREE (No fees) online B2B marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of new, used and refurbished mobile devices.

It's easy to create listings, view listings and connect with a global network of buyers and sellers.


Powering Mobile Market Watch is a massive database of over 10 million lines of mobile phone data from 128 countries and over 1,400 sources.

If you want to crunch your own data this is the product for you. We provide data in excel or csv.


Retrace Corporation is a software company who provides an online marketplace and in-depth analytics to track market trends in the mobile phone industry. We are based in Seattle and have offices in Asia to provide world-class pricing insights and business tools so that our Customers increase profitability and decrease business risk.